himmelblau - the colour azure or sky-blue, not only belongs to an elusive coloured continuum, but also stands for the transitional zone between the earth and the infinite universe, joining the known with the yet unknown. Depending on the point of view, both the continuum of sky-blue and the transitional space are constituted by different philosophical conceptions and poetic associations.

himmel•blau freely explores this continuum of concreteness and potentiality, taking up different positions from either a reflected or an intuitive approach with the aim of mediating between different viewpoints and of discovering the indeterminate and the yet unknown. Similarly indeterminate and unknown is man’s constantly evolving and therefore continually redefined interaction with himself and his environment.

himmel•blau focuses its conceptual and consulting activity on man and his interaction with the environment. Thus himmel•blau develops concepts for long-term human-centred design with a dialectical approach in interplay with specific corporate and applications identity. Human-centred design is consequently concerned with both the concrete and future worlds of experience in real and virtual applications. The aim is to open up, intuitively and poetically, the complexity of a specific application in order to render it transparent to the human interaction.

himmel•blau explicitly operates in an team- and solution-oriented manner. In specially constituted teams and through intensive co-operation with future users, the human-centred application is conceived and implemented within its context.