• himmel•blau is currently re-engineering a database application for a publishing company. The re-engineering comprises mainly new user interfaces as technical optimization and features enhancements. The database application is based on 4th Dimension and 4D Server from 4D, Inc..

• During the year 2005 himmel•blau conceived and implement on behalf of vestigia a web based workflow portal in order to foster their project to revise the list of buildings to be protected in the city of St. Gall commissioned by the municipal historic preservation office. The workflow portal comprise an inventory system for the revised buildings with connection to the online GIS, project management functionality and growing project documentation. The workflow portal acts as a digital communication tool for the project team (freelancers geographically spread) as well for the client to allocate tasks, to exchange incoming «raw» material, like site photos and reports, but also to delivery continuously for acceptance to the client the finalised inventory sheets organized in «milestones»

• In spring 2005 himmel•blau conceived and integrated a VoIP solution for a client to interconnect branch offices with its head office. With this tight but transparent integration of the VoIP solution in the overall information infrastructure of the company, flexible job models like job sharing in different locations became feasible. The company can now respond flexible to the personal working context of its collaborators (part time work, holiday planing, absences etc.). The VoIP solution is based on products form Innovaphone.